Sponsorship Research Advisory Board (SRAB)

The RDO established a Sponsorship Research Advisory Board (SRAB) that will oversee the research enterprise at GUST. It will be composed of the following members:

► Chair of the SRAB, who will be the main research advocate and will supervise the relevance of all academic research projects in the various fields sponsored by funding agencies. The chair's role is to coordinate between the RDO and Senior Management of GUST, and to maintain updated information on external research institutions and research opportunities. 

► Co-chair, who will assist in developing all research and administrative policies on grant procedures, makes conference approvals, and creates research arrangement policies. Co-chair also will serve as a research integrity officer, ensuring the ethical compliance of research.

► Research finance specialist, responsible for setting policies with regard to budgets and financing academic research.

► Deans of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business,  who will ensure continuous research activities within the academic departments.

► Representatives of sponsors.