Research Strategic Plan

GUST Research and Development Office (RDO) has prepared a Research Strategic Plan FY2011–FY2018 for the future of research in the university. This research strategic plan provides significant information for the future plans and initiatives for research in GUST.

Research Strategic Plan FY2011–FY2018 contains the following Contents of information:

  1. List of Figures and Tables
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Research Vision and Mission
    • Current Status of Research and Publications at the GUST
    • Future Research Plans and Initiatives at the GUST
  4. RDO External Advisory Board
  5. Projects and Agreements with Universities, Organizations, and Foundations
  6. Research Funding Proposals
  7. Sponsored Research Fellowships (Names of sponsors tagged on researcher’s title and awards)
    • Research Awards
    • Sponsored Research Studies for MA and MBA
  8. GUST Research Foundation
    • Journals
    • Conferences
    • Research Database
    • Patents and Licensing
    • Membership Agreements
  9. Research Annual Report
  10. Appendices 

 For more detailed information click on the link Research Strategic Plan FY2011–FY2018