Research Grants

The RDO is involved in pre- and post-award research administration for GUST. This includes ensuring the efficient management of research funding programs; distributing information on funding programs and other proposal opportunities across campus, and targeting specific researchers who have limited access to external funding possibilities; and providing pre- and post-award research project support so that researchers may develop well-thought-out and competitive proposals, and effectively, efficiently and successfully engage in research projects.

In its support of research funding programs, GUST’s goal is to increase its success in securing large, prestigious, externally funded awards. The RDO provides the infrastructure needed to support these efforts and to systematically pursue such opportunities. A metric for success is a higher submission rate for research funding proposals, especially those targeted toward competitive, large grant programs. Center-type grants, such as the current KFAS—a Kuwaiti funding organization—can have a tremendous and far-reaching impact on the GUST.

GUST’s RDO provides researchers with instructions and guidance needed to prepare and submit research grant proposals to local and international funding organizations. In this capacity, the RDO requires all researchers to follow specific proposal submission instructions. Doing so will ensure a smoother, more efficient and effective proposal submission process.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Prepare a research grant proposal by following instructions in the KFAS Research Grant Manual; specifically the proposal includes:
    • Research Project Title
    • Institution Beneficiary
    • Principal Investigator (and Co-investigators, if found)
      • Full names
      • Current Position and Academic Title
      • Contact Information
    • Research Abstract
    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Research Background
    • Research Objectives
    • Research Project Benefits
    • Research Methodology
    • Anticipated Output
    • References
  2. Fill in the KFAS Research Grant Forms (1-12), KFAS Actual Expenditure Form (9)
  3. Prepare a CV.
  4. Letter of Approval from HOD and Dean for KFAS Research Application and Proposal before submitting to the RDO office.
  • Please note that KFAS Research application forms and proposals have to be         submitted as both softcopies (in a CD) and in hardcopies

Researchers seeking further information are welcome to contact the RDO Office, at 2530-7405, who is responsible for research at the GUST.