Message from Director of RDO



GUST is a modern university in Kuwait composed of highly respected scholars and outstanding  researchers  and teachers who share  their ideas with students. Every day, in research and in the classroom, this institution is discovering and contributing to knowledge  in  order to make  this a better world.  As one  of the nation’s  largest research  engines,  with  a  legacy  of more  than  a  decade  of affiliation  with  the University of Missouri at St. Louis, GUST is  tackling the grand challenges of today, and enhancing the lives of the people of Kuwait  and throughout the world.

One of the assets of the GUST is the Research and Development Office (RDO). The RDO aspires to make the GUST a research leader in this area.  Its mission is to collaborate not only with other top universities, research institutes and centers, and/or research funders, but also with regional and international networks, in order to engage faculty and students in creating projects, acquiring knowledge, and ultimately attaining advanced stages of research productivity.  I ask for your active support and cooperation in developing the RDO and the quality research programs that GUST will become involved in.

Our current goal is to increase the visibility and engagement of the RDO within this university. We wish to help faculty submit their research grant proposals and conduct research, as well as  provide  research lectures, workshops, etc. We are dedicated to building a research portfolio at GUST based on principles and high standards of academic and research excellence that should lead to high levels of achievement. We at the RDO remain open to your input so that we can better assist each of you in working toward outstanding achievements and make new contributions to the growth of research at the GUST.

On behalf of my scholarly colleagues—faculty members, staff, and students—I invite you to explore the GUST’s Research and Development Office (RDO). You will be excited by what you see!

Research and Development Office
Gulf University for Science and Technology