KFAS Second Conference Grant

While GUST offers conference grants to faculty members wanting to attend international conferences, RDO provides a second conference grant upon the approval of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). Kuwaiti faculty can apply once a year for such grants. As for non-Kuwaitis, the following criteria are set: 

1.    KFAS Conference Grant

The Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) provides an opportunity to all GUST faculty members to apply for a second grant to attend an international conference.

Criteria for Non-Kuwaiti Faculty seeking KFAS Conference Grants

In case a slot for conference application is not filled in a calendar year by an academic department, the following procedures will be involved:

  • A complete set of conference application documents along with the acceptance letter must be submitted to the RDO by the end of every month. Please see below for the complete set of required documents.
  • On the last day of every month, one conference application will be sent to KFAS, if only one application is received and if no other faculty submits in the same month then this application only will be sent to KFAS for further process.
  • In case, two or more applicants from the same department seek conference grant before the end of the month, the decision of selecting the applications to be sent to KFAS will be left up to their respective colleges.
  • Before sending the applications to the colleges, the RDO will screen and filter out the submitted applications according to KFAS rules. Also, in case there are two applications or more submitted to KFAS, priority will be given to those who have not received KFAS conference grants during the past 3 years.

To apply for KFAS conference grant, the following documentations are required:

1. A letter (GUST letterhead) from applicant addressed to KFAS, Director General, Dr. Adnan Shihab El Din requesting mission funding.

2. Abstract in English and Arabic

3. Copy of the Proposed Study to be presented at the Conference

4. Fill out the attached Conference Grant Form.

5. Copy of civil ID to be attached.

6. The Acceptance Letter from the conference organizers.

7. An approval Letter from the co-authors if mentioned in the paper, agreeing to your presentation. (emails are accepted from co-authors).

8. Conference Program

9. Updated CV.

10. Letter of Approval from HOD and Dean for submitting Conference Application to KFAS.

KFAS Conference Grant Form and support documentation to be submitted to the RDO’s office.

For KFAS Conference Grant Form, click on the following link: KFAS Conference Grant form

When you come back from your Conference Mission funded by KFAS, you are required to fill in the Conference Mission Report Form, and email it to :escience@kfas.org.kw

For KFAS Conference Report Form, click on the following link:

KFAS Conference Report Form